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It’s okay to turn around

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There is an expression that says, “No matter how far you travel down the road you can always turn around?” When I first heard the statement my immediate thought was this is a gentle way of correcting men who struggle to accept the fact they took a wrong turn somewhere on the road. However, the more I reflected on the expression the more I realized this is really a statement about the courage it takes to change the way we think or behave when a better alternative has been presented to us.

I trust the following examples will make this point clear for you.


Do you know that since 1958 it has been known that supplemental chromium (a mineral) will prevent and treat diabetes as well as hypoglycemia? Walter Mertz (the director of the U.S.D.A. field services) published the facts associated with chromium and diabetes in the Federal Proceeding.  In 1985, 27 years later, the medical school at the University of Vancouver in BC, Canada stated that vanadium (another mineral) will replace insulin for adult onset diabetics.

Did you know this?

According to best-selling author of ‘Dead Doctors Don’t Lie,’ and Nobel Prize finalists, Dr. Joel Wallach states, “Diabetes is the number one shame of the orthodox doctors in the 20th century…Here is the ultimate case of a whole specialty of medicine which could be wiped out by universal chromium supplementation. Nevertheless, these facts are kept secret and away from the public for purely economic reasons.”

Think about this for a second, the natural cure for diabetes has been known in the United States since the 1950’s but it was hidden from you.


Did you know that the body is composed of exactly 102 organic minerals? The 102 minerals found in the body is the same number of minerals you find in the soil, native plants, water and natural animals everywhere on the planet.  I specifically used the word native and natural because plants and animals created through genetic engineering have a different molecular structure that is not complete and the nutrition received from these sources are greatly minimized.  The other minerals found in the soil, about another 40 or so are inorganic and not intended for human and animal consumption.

So what exactly are minerals? Strictly speaking, minerals are naturally occurring chemical compounds (iron, copper, carbon etc) found in the soil. Organic minerals carry an electrical charge and produce electricity. Since all life on the planet is composed of minerals every living creature on the planet, including human beings produce electricity – we have an electric body. Plants convert the minerals in the soil so they can be used by the people and animals that consume them.

Minerals are to the body, as a battery is to the car. Animals and people need minerals to live long and healthy lives.  When minerals are absent or deficient in our diet illness and disease will occur.   For example, when calcium, the most abundant mineral in the body is deficient in our diet we can experience osteoporosis, kyphosis & lordosis (curvatures of the spine), compression fractures, osteoarthritis, hypertension, insomnia, kidney stones, bone spurs, sciatica, low back pain and many other medical issues. Keep in mind that we’re talking about just one of the 102 minerals the body requires for optimum health.

Without realizing the origin of their illness the majority of people that go to the hospital and pick up prescription drugs do so without the knowledge of what they can do for themselves.

Many of us have traveled the road of life for many years, in some cases, decades. Without fully grasping how it happened we have been conditioned to believe that the diagnosis we receive is incurable, our current state of health is unchangeable or through discouragement incorrectly assume that the quality of our lives can never be as good as we desire it to be.

When we find ourselves thinking this way it is important to remember that with courage and willingness we can always turn around, think differently and produce the health we all seek.

Coach G

By Greg McNeil

Greg McNeil is a StrongFirst Instructor, Professional Strength & Conditioning coach, Licensed Clinical Counselor (LPCC), Life Coach, Author, and the owner of Gallup School of Strength (www.gallupschoolofstrength.com)