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Wednesday, Nov 14th

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Weekly Police Activity Reports

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A Gallup Police Department officer was dispatched to the 800 block of Grandview after a call about a thwarted gardening tool theft on Nov. 10. A Gallup woman, 66, told police that the suspect “grabbed their garden tools,” according to the report.

When her husband confronted the man and demanded he return them, the suspect did so before quickly fleeing the scene. Officers located and identified the suspect Tilford Wilson shortly afterward on Country Club Drive and Coal Avenue. He was caught with a single shingle scraper, belonging to an unknown victim. Wilson was arrested for an outstanding warrant, and the mystery scraper tagged into evidence.

McKinley County Sheriff’s Sgt. Lasheena Johnson had her hands full on Nov. 10, when a Gamerco woman, 46, reported to police that her ex-boyfriend had allegedly broken into her home on the 400 block of Ray street, and stolen several of her belongings, including a Verizon Tablet and a number of other household items. The ex-boyfriend, 49, was on the scene and denied any involvement. MCSO Deputy Guerrero responded to Johnson’s call for an additional unit and inspected damage to the woman’s door. The woman appeared to be intoxicated and later became belligerent towards Johnson, according to the police report.

Nearby, on the 200 block of Ray Street in Gamerco, a woman reported that three black flatscreen TVs had gone missing, and the door to her home forcefully opened. The victim, 70, also found that pottery had been taken. The theft was reported on Nov. 10. The MCSO has no suspects at this time.

A studious Gallup woman, 19, discovered her backpack stolen from her car when she went to retrieve it that morning to begin her homework some time around 11 am on Nov. 4. Among the more valuable items contained in the stolen bag were a pink Mac laptop, three biology textbooks and a small sum of cash.

A Gallup man, 51, recovered his stolen car from the GPD on Oct. 31, to find that his license plate (New Mexico 333MYS) and white Chevy tailgate remained missing. The GPD has no known suspects for this theft.


MCSO Deputy Brandon Salazar arrested Christian Tennison, 25, on Nov. 12, after receiving a call from the victim’s sister, 34. Tennison, whose shirt was torn, allegedly claimed that it was “sexist” for Salazar to have detained him and no one else at the scene. When Salazar went back to speak to the victim, 25, he noticed she had slight swelling on her face and walked with “a noticeable limp,” according to the report. Salazar then arrested Tennison for Battery on a Household Member, at 5:33 pm.

GPD Officer S. Peshlakai arrested Jacob Antone, 27, at the Rio West Mall on Nov. 8 for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and shoplifting after Antone had a threatening encounter with another man working loss prevention. The man encountered two shoplifters, one who fled the scene with stolen jackets, and another, Antone, who then pulled a knife. Antone allegedly accused the man of trying to “roll up” on him, and asked if he thought of himself as “a bad ass,” according to the police report. Antone was located in a parking lot outside of Home Depot by GPD Officer Ransom James, where he was arrested and transported to the McKinley County Detention Center.


11/7 - A Sanders, Ariz., couple, and at least one passenger, sustained serious injuries when they reportedly turned left in front of a vehicle heading northbound at the intersection of State Highway 602 and Nizhoni Boulevard, shortly after noon. The driver, Thomas Shorty, 79, sustained injuries to his right arm and a femur fracture to his left leg. The passenger sustained abrasions and a dislocated right knee. The left, rear passenger sustained a left hip fracture, and the right, rear passenger’s injuries were unknown.

11/7 - The condition of Lis Witacur, 25, is unknown at this time. According to the accident report, she was traveling on her Yamaha motorcycle eastbound on Interstate 40 when at about the 2 pm hour, and near the 1 mile post, she lost control of her vehicle, hit a construction sign and was ejected from her bike. She was airlifted to UNM Hospital in Albuquerque.

11/6 - Frederick James, 33, of Gallup was cited for following too closely while he traveled southbound down State Highway 602. It was after 5 pm. He reportedly said his foot slipped off the break pedal. The driver of the other vehicle complained of chest pain and shortness of breath and was taken to a local hospital. James complained of shoulder pain, and was released at the scene.

11/3- Jimmy Etsitty, 79, was gearing up to turn left into T&R Market, from U.S. 491, when he reportedly hit an oncoming vehicle. A total of three vehicles were involved in the accident. Etsitty and the driver of one other vehicle were both transported to a local hospital for treatmemt.


11/7 - Two businesses in the Vanderwagen area filed complaints with the Sheriff’s Office that were vandalism oriented. Pawnbroker Joe Milosevich of Joe Milo’s told MCSO Sgt. Elreno Henio that someone had painted “187” on his business signage. Milosevich doesn’t know of any suspects, but he told Henio that he would keep eye on surveillance cameras for any suspicious activity

11/6 - El Sabino’s in Vanderwagen was also hit with some paint, but not the graffiti type. After an unknown couple was done filling their tires with air, the man walked up and sprayed the camera lens with gold paint. The incident occurred after 10 pm.