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Thursday, Sep 20th

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Weekly Police Activity Report

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A lighter load than normal for issuing warrants but the two law enforcement entities assures all county and city mice that the paperwork deficit just idled through the week and there is no let-up in sight for those wishing to evade the long reach of justice.


GPD Warrants

Israel Angel (Municipal Court), Fidel Apache (Magistrate Court), Denson Becenti (Magistrate Court), Edmund R. Bitsie (District Court), Drew Jay Brown (Parole/Probation), Betrina Harry Grey (Magistrate Court), Preston Paul Lynch (Failure to Appear), Johnson Mobtoya Jr. (Failure to Appear), Trenton K. Ranger (Magistrate Court), Presley B. Shorty (Parole/Probation), Kyle Smith (Municipal Court), Justin M. Villa (Out of State-Texas), and Michelle A. Yazzie (Magistrate Court).


MCSO Warrants

Trisha Hunt, Myshaun Natonabah, and Dovanon Norton.


Police Activity

Five incidents of marijuana use, either suspected or real, came to light at Wingate High School this past week. Actually two of the suspects were only 12 and 13 while three others were barely 14. The 13-year old was accused by his friend as being the seller.

Two minor incidents of damage to property occurred in Gamerco while a third incident happened outside of a church on State Highway 564. In the latter case, someone had scratched denigrating symbols and expletives into the paint.

Several accidents without injuries, 11 in the county, were spread out over a large area, and took the lives of a dog and a horse. In the four accidents with injuries, only one was bad enough to warrant hospitalization. That was a head-on on Highway 602 between two vehicles where one driver had to be extracted and flown out for care. Three others were transported by ambulances to locl medical facilities. Alcohol was not a factor in the crash.

Radios valued at $1,600 were stolen from McKinley County vehicles belonging to the Fire Marshall’s Office. It is not certain when they were taken as one unit had not been checked since Sept. 23 and the other since Sept. 25.

A woman was trying to help a former friend, but that plan backfired when he used that contact to allegedly make up a story involving himself and a spurious relationship with her. He continued to verbally harass the woman and her husband, threatening both with physical  harm as well as their friends. She has requested a routine patrol of her residence and will submit the saved text messages from this creeper to the Sheriff’s Office.

A couple or three visitors to MCDC showed a spark of aggression when they took turns beating on each other. One of the trio was identified as a recent DWI suspect that was reportedly verbally aggressive towards the police.

Two men in Gamerco were visiting in the heart of the afternoon when one got upset and decided to return to his own residence. The other man didn’t like that and he “swang” at the other, cutting the skin near the eye with his right hook. Both had been drinking and the injured party did not want to file charges against the other, so the deputy told them both to just stay away from each other.

Two friends in Jamestown experienced odd incidents in the last two weeks: chickens were released from their coop and were running free, but the owner was able to round them up and put them back where they belonged. Another incident occurred when her friend was driving to work at Western Refinery and a tire/wheel came off his vehicle.

And that wraps up most of the police activity for the week.

By Tom Hartsock

Sun Correspondent