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Wednesday, Sep 26th

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Weekly Police Activity Report

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It was a busy week for serving warrants. The Gallup Police Department and the McKinley County Sheriff’s Office were both kept busy at insisting area scofflaws live up to their responsibilities.


GPD Warrants

Moses D. Alonzo (Parole/Probation Violation), Randy Austin (Magistrate Court), Ouray Benally (District Court), Randall Bill (Municipal Court), Leroy S. Bitsie (Municipal Court), Benjoe Cayadito (Magistrate Court), Randy Chee (Magistrate Court), Edison Davis (Municipal Court), Daryl J. Desiderio, Jr. (Failure to Appear), Joshua Desiderio (Out of County-Arizona), Paul Dubois (Magistrate Court), Darrell Eskeets (District Court), Manuel Garcia (Failure to Appear and Magistrate Court), Joshua Phillips Harrison (Magistrate Court), Monique Shantel Hoskie (Magistrate Court), Evan Johnson (Municipal Court), Montoya Johnson (Magistrate Court), Barbara A. Jones (Magistrate Court), Robert Jones (Magistrate Court), Tammie Latham (Magistrate Court), Monty Wade Lee (District Court), Shawn M. Leonard (Magistrate Court), Crandall Lewis (Out of County-San Juan), Ethan Litsuie (Parole/Probation Violation), Tamickka Money (Magistrate and Municipal Court), Daniel Montoya (Failure to Pay-State Police), Candace Ortiz (Magistrate Court), Thomas A. Ortiz (Magistrate Court), Ray Peterson (State Police), Raymond R. Romero (Municipal Court), Franklin C. Sandoval (Parole/Probation), Kyle A. Sands (Magistrate Court), Richard M. Sedillo, Jr. (Municipal Court), Wacey Smith (Magistrate Court), Wendell Smith (District Court), Natasha A. Tahy (Out of County-Bernalillo), Auna M. Terrazas (Magistrate Court), Sharon Thomas (District Court), Gilethia S. Tom (District Court), Brittany Tsosie (Magistrate Court), Eddie Tsosie (District Court), Zane A. Vicente (District Court), Watson Watchman (Municipal Court), Mark Williams (Failure to Pay), and Terrance Yellowhorse (Magistrate Court).


MCSO Warrants

Louanna Bahe, Ashton Begay, Arwin Billy, Matilda James, Jeremy Lacy, Herman Largo, Vernon Lasiloo, Gabriel Mullins, Amanda Quintana, Lydell Odell, Jamie Roe, Presley Shorty, Leander Talley, Ricardo Tapia, and Elmer Tom.



Deputies were called to 14 accidents during the week, but most were without injury. The list included an elk hit on Interstate 40 at milepost 52, a rollover on I-40 at milepost 40, a vehicle being towed jack-knifed and blocked the roadway at Exit 16 on I-40, and another vehicle that lost control on wet roadway at Exit 26.

There were also two accidents in the parking lot of the Flying J involving semi trucks, and another incident of a large truck driving too close to another large truck, which damaged the front bumper. Two other fender benders occurred when vehicles were hit from behind.

A more serious incident happened when GPD Officer Christian Vasquez was called to a house on Stagecoach Road in reference to a domestic altercation involving a knife. The mother of the knife-wielder reported that an argument over a mattress had escalated when her son, identified as 29-year-old Mario Romero, allegedly grabbed a butcher knife and threatened her.

Romero said at first that it was his mother who had pulled the knife, then changed his story and said his mother did not do that. The officer reported that Romero told different stories and was not consistent.

Medstar was called to treat a small cut on Romero’s hand and he was then arrested for aggravated assault on a household member and transported to MCDC for booking.

Another case of Larceny occurred at the Giant station at Deadhorse when an unidentified male walked in the store, picked up two 18-packs of beer, and walked outside to a waiting truck where he made his escape.

In addition, Lena Begay went to work one Thursday morning (Sept. 21) and came home about 4 pm to find her front door smashed in, her house ransacked, and appliances and jewelry missing.

Only the landlady had a clue as to the identity of the thief. She had seen a vehicle between 9:30 and 10 am heading out at a high rate of speed. She signaled him to slow down and he actually stopped, telling her “I thought I heard someone calling me.”

The landlady described the driver as a Hispanic in his early to mid 20s with short hair, light complected and wearing a red T-shirt. The vehicle was an early 2000 model, extended cab, and charcoal gray in color. It had a distinct damage on the left fender and a an old yellow NM license plate with a partial number of 114.

Taken in the Burglary were a 65” Flat Screen TV, about 20 necklaces, a concho belt,  purse, and a DVD player. The total value was estimated at slightly over $2,700.

One of the units at St. Bonaventure Mission was broken into by someone who needed a place to stay, or so it is thought. The unit is for Mission visitors that come from out of town to do volunteer work. The only item missing appears to be a small solar panel while the intruder left behind some blankets on the beds and some water bottles. The unit had not been checked in over a week, so it is unknown when the intruder visited.

A theft incident occurred in Williams Acres. A woman reported that a neighbor had stolen a jar of change from her house. When she went across the street to visit a neighbor, she locked the front door. When she returned, the back window was open and some of the $30 of loose change was scattered in the bedroom.

When MCSO Deputy Jeff Barnhurst spoke to the neighbor man next door, he said his son had been gone for about three hours. The woman that complained wanted these people to move, and the neighbor said he was only waiting for the first of the month to move into Gallup. Case solved, hopefully.

A Dialysis patient moved from her trailer in Gamerco to her daughter’s place in Gallup, and discovered recently that she had been robbed while she was gone. An alert friend down the street had noticed a tan SUV and a car parked near her trailer and had seen two males carrying something, but the friend was not sure what it was.

When Teresa L. Talk returned to her residence, everything looked OK from the outside and the front door was locked. Inside was another story as the house was trashed. Missing was a 72” Sony TV, a DVD player, and a jewelry box with jewelry inside.

Since the front door was locked, she could only think of one person who might have a key to the house, a relative that always helped out before. Her husband had given him a key and they had never gotten it back.

She named the two suspects for the deputy and gave them addresses, one in Ramah and one in Gallup. The investigation continues.

By Tom Hartsock

Sun Correspondent