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Montana Skyler Jordan

09.30.17, 09:31 pm

Agg. DWI, 1st Offense

A traffic stop on Highway 491 for speeding led to an upgrade in charges as McKinley County Sheriff’s Deputy Josie Bowman pulled over an inebriated driver. Jordan, 36, was nabbed at the 5.9 mile marker and readily admitted doing 60-65 mph.

Jordan agreed to a field sobriety test but almost fell in the third part of the test. Transported to the Sheriff’s Office,  Bowman discovered the Intoxilyzer 8000 was not operating. Back in the squad car, Bowman and Jordan had to test on the unit at the Gallup Police Department. The machine at that location worked just fine, registering twin results of 0.24, enough for another upgrade to an aggravated charge, and a trip to the McKinley County Detention Center.

Risa Becker

09.30.17, 10.36 pm

Agg. DWI, 2nd Offense

Dispatched to the Heritage Giant Station, 990 N. U.S. Route 491 in reference to a drunk driver, Gallup Police Department Officer Julio Yazzie met with Becker, 56. Though she agreed to a field sobriety test, she claimed to have pins in her legs and probably would not be able to perform those tests. She did, however, agree to do the Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus test, that only uses the eyes.

Unable to do a smooth pursuit of the eyes, Yazzie placed her under arrest. Having read Becker the New Mexico Implied Consent Advisory, that test was refused and Officer Yazzie booked her into MCDC.

Leandra Bitsie

09.29.17, 05:09 pm

Agg. DWI, 1st Offense

Dispatched to the Munoz overpass in reference to a vehicle crash, GPD Officer Victor Rodriguez met with GPD Detective Jon Whitsitt, who had removed the keys from the vehicle because Bitsie, 38, attempted to drive away.

Bitsie failed the field sobriety test and was arrested. While walking to the police car, Bitsie was asked if she would take a breath test, but she refused that test as well. She was also driving with a suspended/revoked license.

She was transported to MCDC and booked.

Seth Jay Dixon

09.25.17, 04:06 am

DWI, 1st Offense

On patrol near Aztec Avenue and Arnold Street, GPD Officer Julio Yazzie conducted a traffic stop on a brown Toyota Avalon that was running with no head lamps. Claiming there was a problem with his lighting system, Dixon, 21, agreed to the field sobriety test, which he flunked.

A portable breath test was given by another officer. Based on the results of the SFST and the portable breathalyzer, Dixon was placed under arrest and transported to the Gallup Police Department for another breath test. Dixon blew a 0.14 and was then transported to MCDC.

Shawn M. Slim

09.24.17, 01:58

Agg. DWI, 1st Offense

Dispatched to McDonald’s east, GPD Officer Julio Yazzie made contact with Slim, 23, in the drive thru lane of the fast food business, where he had fallen asleep.

Officer Yazzie asked Slim to move his vehicle to the parking area on the east side of the business, which he did. When he exited the vehicle, Yazzie noticed that Slim staggered, and had to hold onto the door so he would not fall.

Slim did fail this test and then refused to give a breath sample after having been read the N.M. Implied Consent Advisory. Yazzie then placed Slim in handcuffs and took him to the MCDC for booking.

Joshua D. Liscombe

09.23.17, 08:22 pm

Agg. DWI, 1st Offense

When GPD Officer Ransom James first contacted Liscombe, 35, when dispatched to 1602 Camino Rancheros, Liscombe did not obey the commands from James. Eventually Liscombe rolled down the driver’s side window and said, “Me and my friend are just trying to leave the parking lot,” according to the report.

When James asked Liscombe where his friend was, he pointed to the front passenger seat. “She’s right here!” he said, but he was the only one in the vehicle.

James instructed Liscombe to stay in his car and when he asked the driver what had happened to his head, he wiped at his the wound and told me, “Nothing man, there’s nothing wrong with me.”

When James asked Lisombe where he was, he replied, “I’m in Albuquerque. We just got out of the bar,” he said. We’re going to leave Albuquerque, we’re going back to Gallup.”

Medical personnel at a local hospital determined Liscombe did not have any internal head injuries. Officer James read the N.M. Implied Consent Advisory, and explained the consequences of refusal, but Liscombe was adamant so was booked into MCDC.

Shandii Nez

09.22.17, 09:22 pm

DWI, 1st Offense

GPD Officer Andrew Thayer was dispatched to the local drinkers’ favorite hangout at night, the McDonald’s east in reference to a drunk driver. As Thayer approached from the east, he spotted the subject vehicle who pulled out of the drive thru lane and on to Highway 66 eastbound. Thayer followed to the Pronto Gas parking lot, where Nez, 29, pulled in and stopped.

Nez admitted to drinking at two different establishments and was also agreeable to a field sobriety test. When she complained that her weight, 5-4 and 210 pounds, kept her from completing the tests, she was given alternatives and didn’t do much better.

Thayer read the N.M. Implied Consent Advisory and she agreed to that as well, but blew a 0.15 and 0.14 and was arrested for DWI and booked into MCDC.

Larry Scott

09.20.17, 02:03 pm

Agg. DWI, 16th Offense

GPD Officer John Gonzales was notified by dispatch of a possible drunk driver in the area of Highway 66 and Miyamura overpass, but he found nothing matching the description of the car. Then Metro Dispatch updated the report of a red Chevy Cavalier near the Shalimar that had crashed into another vehicle and then left the scene. Sgt. Peyketewa was in that area and quickly found the red car with the left front tire blown out.

Peyketewa detained both the driver and passenger, and Gonzales moved his patrol unit over to capture the field sobriety tests on the dash camera. Having identified the driver as Scott, 55, Officer Gonzales started the field tests, but called them off when Scott complained that he was blind and could not continue. Gonzales then read the NM Implied Consent Advisory to Scott and he agreed to a breath test.

Back at the Gallup Police Department, Scott blew readings of 0.30 and 0.29. A check of the Interstate Identification Index showed Scott with 15 priors. He was then transported and booked into the MCDC.

Andrea R. Harvey

09.15.17, 9:28 pm

DWI, 1st Offense

Harvey, 24, was driving at night without headlights which alerted GPD Officer Julio Yazzie who brought her to a stop on West Highway 66 by United Rentals. Her excuse was that the vehicle was strange to her and she didn’t know about operating the controls on it. She denied having anything to drink, but she readily agreed to a field sobriety test, which she failed.

Another officer conducted the breath test, which showed a reading of 0.14. Yazzie read her the Implied Consent Advisory and she agreed to test on the IR8000, but it still came out at 0.14 and she got a free ride to MCDC and was booked.

Jordan Skylier Simpson

07.20.17, 01:53 am

Agg. DWI, 1st Offense

GPD Officer Andrew Thayer was patrolling East bound on Highway 66 when he saw a vehicle blocking the entrance to Goodfella’s with the passenger door open. Opting for a welfare check since the vehicle was still in the traffic lane, Thayer noticed that Simpson, 28, had a cut above his right eye and called for an ambulance. Simpson stated he had been in the Shalimar and got in a fight, getting cut with a piece of rebar.

Simpson agreed to a field sobriety test but did not perform well. He was read the  Implied Consent Advisory and agreed to a breath test. At the State Police office, he blew a 0.18 and 0.17, and was transported to a local hospital for the cut on his head. He was then transported to MCDC and booked.

Drew C. Lonetree

07.07.17, 9:25 pm

Agg. DWI, 1st Offense

GPD Officer Christian Vasquez assisted another officer on a traffic stop at 4th and Hill Street. Lonetree, 26, at first denied consuming alcohol but he was having a tough time sitting upright on the curb. Agreeing to a portable breath test, Lonetree blew an amazing 0.249 and was read the NM Implied Consent Advisory, agreeing to that as well. There his readings showed a 0.20 and a 0.18.

He was immediately transported to MCDC and booked.

Ryan J. Turpen

06.20.17, 3:04

Agg. DWI, 1st Offense

GPD Officer Norman Bowman was dispatched to the scene of a two-car accident at the intersection of east Logan and south Strong in reference to a possibly impaired driver. Turpen, 29, was driving westbound on Logan and failed to stop at the octagonal sign at Strong.

When asked if he had consumed any alcohol, Turpen said no, but had taken some medication called Suboxin.

Turpen agreed to a field sobriety test but was stopped during the second part for his own safety. Officer Bowman did read the Implied Consent Advisoty but Turpen refused that as well. Turpen was then transported to MCDC and booked into jail.