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Leonard Jim, Jr.

09.02.17, 0:52 am

Agg DWI, 1st Offense

Approaching Munoz Blvd on Aztec Avenue, eastbound, McKinley County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Monty Yazzie saw a white car traveling southbound on the overpass at a high rate of speed. Unable to get a fix with his radar, Yazzie proceeded after the suspect, noticing the vehicle’s tires were going onto the inner yellow line and he could not see a license plate. The emergency lights were then activated and the vehicle turned onto Park Avenue where it came to a stop about a hundred yards east of State Highway 602.

Yazzie made contact with the driver, Jim, who did the best he could on the field sobriety test, just not good enough.

Yazzie then arrested Jim for DWI, Careless Driving, Roadway laned for traffic, No driver’s license, Expired registration, and No insurance.

The passenger, identified as Tyrell Lee, was also inebriated and was placed in the rear seat of Yazzie’s cruiser. Moments later, Lee abused the privilege of security by vomiting all over himself and the back seat. Yazzie then transported both to Gallup Detox, dropping Lee at that location and cleaning up his unit. On his arrival at the Sheriff’s Office, Jim blew two separate results into the Intoxilyzer 8000, 0.20 and 0.18. He was booked on the above charges as well as Open container.

Thiesman Billsie

09.01.17, 7:49 pm

DWI, 1st Offense

Traveling northbound on U.S. Route 491, MCSO Lt. Eric D. Jim confirmed an orange Saturn traveled at 80 mph in a posted 55 mph safety corridor. Once the suspect vehicle was stopped, Lt. Jim could notice the strong odor of alcohol and see the red watery eyes of Billsie.

Billsie failed the field sobriety test and was arrested and transported to the Sheriff’s Office. At the office, Billsie submitted to a breathalyzer and his results were 0.13 and 0.12. Billsie’s vehicle was released to his mother who had arrived on scene. He was transported to the MCDC and booked.

Roy John Thompson

8.31.17, 9:47 pm

DWI, 1st Offense

MCSO Deputy Johnson Lee was going south on U.S. Route 491 with his in-car radar getting the speeds of northbound traffic. A red truck caught his attention and so did the radar, showing 66 in a 55 mph zone. As the truck passed by, he noticed a silver tool box in the back.

Finally getting turned around, the deputy caught up with the speeder and activated his emergency lights, but the  vehicle did not come to a stop for about one mile. When questioned by the deputy, Thompson admitted that he had to drive because he was the only licensed driver in the vehicle. He refused the field sobriety test but took the breath test on the IR 8000, showing results of 0.08 twice. He was then transported to the MCDC and booked.

Shane Manygoats

8.31.17, 3:23 am

Agg DWI, 1st Offense

Driving northbound on Boardman Avenue, GPD Officer Andrew Thayer observed a silver Chevy Malibu in front of him with a broken tail light. The vehicle was driving in the construction zone at the time and swerved from the northbound lane into the southbound lane, forcing another vehicle to veer to the opposite lane.

Thayer activated his emergency lights and brought the vehicle to a stop at 451 Boardman Drive. Manygoats kept increasing the number of drinks he had, from one to two and then three, but he tried to bluff a jackpot win by refusing the field sobriety test and then doubling down by refusing the breath test. He lost the pot when called by Officer Thayer, and was booked into MCDC.

An attempt to contact his grandmother, Mary Lee, was unfruitful and his vehicle was left on scene since it was private property.

Guadalupe Prieta

8.26.17, 3:57 pm

DWI, 1st Offense

GPD Officer Julio Yazzie was dispatched to 2410 E. Aztec in reference to a DWI. The suspect Prieta was already out of his vehicle and admitted that some lady had hit his car but he had left the scene. He also said his air bags had come out following the crash.

Prieta agreed to the field sobriety test and was placed under arrest for DWI after he had failed. Transported to the GPD for a breath test, he blew a 0.20. He was then transported to the MCDC and booked.

Phyllis J. Byjoe

08.23.17, 1:06 am

DWI, 1st Offense

GPD Officer Ransom James was on patrol when he observed a red Silverado going southbound on U.S. Route 491 without headlights. Turning around, Officer Ransom attempted to make a stop on this vehicle but it did not yield until it came to the intersection of 491 and Maloney Avenue. Ransom turned on his siren to signal the driver to pull off the roadway but instead the vehicle continued south to Munoz Boulevard.  The vehicle attempted to stop at the entrance of the I-40 westbound on-ramp. Ransom instructed the driver to move the vehicle across the Munoz overpass to a safe location. After a few more instructions, the driver complied.

The vehicle was occupied by two women, the driver was Byjoe. She seemed confused when asked where she was coming from, mentioning Lukachukai, Farmington, Shiprock, and Albuquerque as her starting places.

Byjoe agreed to a field sobriety test but she failed,  and a couple of samples given at the GPD later both confirmed his suspicions, registering 0.11 on both.

She was then booked into the MCDC.

Angel Lynn Joe

08.15.17, 2:53 pm

Agg DWI,

GPD Officer Steven Eldridge was dispatched to 10th Street and Maloney to assist in a hit and run. The other two officers involved were Charles Steele and N. Bowman.

Information received from callers indicated that a green Pontiac was responsible for a multi-car accident at 706 W. Maloney and was leaving the scene with front-end damage, heading west bound.

Officer Steele arrived at the scene and saw the Pontiac turn onto 11th Street. He could see the front bumper was hanging off the vehicle and a muffler was dragging as well. The driver was identified as Joe and she had to use her car to walk. Claiming that she had only had two alcohol beverages, the field test was turned over to Officer Eldridge who quickly determined that she was indeed DWI.

Placing Joe in custody, and safely into his unit, Joe was transported to the GPD where she gave consent to the breath test, blowing 0.29 for both samples. Before she could be booked into MCDC, a medical clearance had to be made at Rehoboth McKinley County Hospital.

No accident report was filed with the DWI report or the first contact with the suspect.

Courtney Ray Harding

06.15.17, 9:57 pm

Agg DWI, 1st Offense

Dispatched to the area near Playground of Dreams, Gallup Police Department Officer Douglas Hoffman saw on arrival  a male running from a vehicle parked near the intersection of E. Montoya and the Miyamura overpass. A second man was chasing and catching the first man just off the road, apparently trying to hold on to him. As Hoffman grabbed the first man, a female approached and said that he was the driver of the car that had hit hers and then drove off. The suspect was placed in the rear seat of the police unit.

The suspected driver, identified as Harding, had run into the vehicle driven by Yvette Ponce near the cattle guard on Hasler Valley Road, but had then driven off. When Ponce began chasing Harding’s vehicle, he stopped in the middle of Montoya Blvd. and the foot chase began between him and the female driver’s husband.

Failing the field sobriety test, Harding was placed under arrest for the Aggravated DWI as well as an Altered or Forged License, Display of Registration Plates, No Insurance, and Failure to Notify of an Accident. The breath test at the police department resulted in two samples, one at 0.15 and the other at 0.16.

Lance Owens

06.13.17, 12:58 am

Agg DWI,

Dispatched to 211 Florence Street in reference to a welfare check involving a fight, Gallup Police Officer Andrew Thayer saw a Black Saturn facing eastbound on Barbara with the driver’s side door open in the wrong lane with the engine running. He made contact with an unconscious male in the front seat bleeding from the head and dispatched medical personnel to the scene.

The driver, Owens, woke up when a flashlight was shone in his eyes, but was confused. When asked if he had any intoxicating beverages, he said he ‘didn’t have enough.’

When asked if would take a field sobriety test, Owens said no. Medical personnel arrived on the scene but the subject did not require any major medical treatment. An inventory of the vehicle was made and four open containers of Steele Reserve were found in the center console, all with alcohol in them. On the passenger side floor was a nearly empty tub of marijuana. He admitted that he did not have a medical marijuana card. The vehicle was picked up by his mother-in-law at the scene. Owens was transported to the Gallup Indian Medical Center for his injury and then transported to the McKinley County Detention Center for booking.

Leon Larry Sandoval

06.10.17, 11:50 pm

DWI, 1st Offense

An anonymous caller had spotted a reckless vehicle northbound on U.S. Route 491 after it hit a curb at mile marker 4, and was swerving all over the roadway. The caller followed the vehicle until MCSO Deputy Josie Bowman could catch up. The stop was made at the interchange of highways 264 and 491. The deputy did notice an 18-pack of Miller Lite and a 12-pack of Corona in the back seat, but both were unopened.

The driver, Sandoval, denied hitting a curb and also that he had consumed any alcohol, but the more honest passenger in his vehicle told him, “Just be honest, dude.” He had previously told the deputy that his friend had also hit the curb.

Sandoval agreed to the field sobriety test but wasn’t able to pass it completely, and was asked to take a portable breath test. The results on that test were 0.121 and Sandoval was arrested at that time. At the Sheriff’s Office, Sandoval was given two more test, blowing 0.10 on each, and was booked into the MCDC.