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The legal limit is .08.

Marty Chavez

April 12, 4:10 pm

13th DWI, Aggravated

It’s the unlucky 13th DWI for Chavez, a serial drunk driver. Metro Dispatch “gave out an attempt to locate” a silver mini-van in the area of Giant gas station, 1223 E. Highway 66. Chavez’s van was spotted next at Navajo Shopping Center. McKinley County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Monty Yazzie found Chavez at the Shop N’ Save, 200 Marguerite.

Yazzie made contact with one of the witnesses that called into complain about the occupants in Chavez’s van. They had asked her for money while she was gassing up at another location. Meanwhile, Chavez exited the shopping center and proceeded west on Highway 66, and Yazzie followed until he signaled for Chavez to pull over. He pulled into the McDonald’s west parking lot.

There were several people in the vehicle, Yazzie noted, adding that he could smell booze coming from the vehicle.  He noticed that Yazzie had “bloodshot, watery eyes and slurred speech.”

Chavez, 54, didn’t have a driver’s license, but gave an ID card instead. The deputy ran his name and found out that Chavez was on the felony DWI list. Chavez failed the field sobriety tests, and blew a .17 twice during the breath tests.

Yazzie discovered five open cans of “Camo” and two tall cans of Bud Ice on the middle, center floorboard. The five occupants in the vehicle were taken to detox.

As of April 20, Chavez remains in custody at McKinley County Adult Detention Center on a $7,000 cash bond. If he bonds out, he’s required to wear an ankle monitoring device.

James Eddy

April 5, 10:45 pm

7th DWI

Eddy’s reckless driving helped cops to nab him for his seventh DWI. McKinley County Sheriff’s Office DWI Task Force Supervisor Tammy Houghtaling located Eddy as he was backing out of a parking spot near Sports Page on Second Street. She followed Eddy as he headed west down Mendoza, and noticed that he was repeatedly swerving over the center and shoulder lines.

Houghtaling pulled Eddy, 46, over and asked for his driver’s license, in which he replied that his license was suspended for 10 years due to past DWIs. He failed the field sobriety tests, and blew .13/.14 during the breath tests.

Derrick D. Watchman

April 5, 9:06 am

2nd DWI, Aggravated

Watchman’s refusal to pull over for a Navajo Nation Ranger led to a pursuit. MCSO Deputy Merlin Benally took charge of the pursuit, chasing the red Pontiac Sunfire down Hassler Valley Road. Watchman pulled over near the entrance to Gallup Motocross. Benally noted in his report that he could smell alcohol wafting from the vehicle upon approaching Watchman.

He showed the signs of intoxication – slurred speech, bloodshot, watery eyes and “a drowsy look to his face,” the report states. During the two breath tests, Watchman, 26, blew a .31.  Benally found several open containers of booze in the vehicle as well.

Adrian Miles

Feb. 24, 3:52 pm

Aggravated DWI

Sonic north employees came to the aid of Miles’ 5-year-old child, who was wearing pajamas and no shoes, and whose father was seemingly intoxicated, according to Gallup Police Department Officer Angelo Cellicion.

Miles, 27, was reportedly trying to leave the scene of an accident. He had hit another vehicle in the parking lot. Cellicion noted that Miles refused to take field sobriety and breath tests. Miles was also booked for child abuse

Louis Shay

Feb. 7, 3:46 pm

4th DWI

GPD Officer Dominic Molina was working the DWI Task Force when he noticed that Shay didn’t stop at a three-stop at 9th and Jefferson. Molina pulled him over and Shay came to a stop near the Giant in American Heritage Plaza.

Molina stated in his report that the smell of booze lingered from the vehicle, so he asked Shay if he had anything to drink, to which he admitted consuming two cans of Steel Reserve. There were also three other occupants in the vehicle.

Shay, 56, failed the field sobriety tests, and blew .14/.13 during breath tests. Inside the vehicle Molina found nine open cans of Steel Reserve beer and one can of Four Loko.

Sherylette Delgarito

Jan. 28, 9:31 pm

3rd DWI, Aggravated

As MCSO Deputy Johnson Lee was driving east on Highway 371 in Thoreau, he noticed a vehicle stopped in the wash bay at Jim’s Carwash. Lee noted in his report that it was 15 degrees outside. As he approached the vehicle, he noticed several children in the backseat. When he initiated a conversation with Delgarito, he could small “a very strong odor of an intoxicating beverage coming from her.”

When Lee asked for her to look at him, he noticed that her eyes were bloodshot and red. According to the report, when Lee asked her to have a seat in the back of his patrol unit she quickly became uncooperative and threw herself on the ground. Delgarito, 37, screamed and tried to crawl under Lee’s patrol unit. When Lee pulled her out she kicked him in the side of his leg.

He finally got her into the patrol unit. The four children were released to a family member.