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A positive focus

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Dear friends, The results are final. So many people thanked me for running, for standing up, for making a unified voice heard and I want to take a moment to say thank you, too, for supporting my campaign for New Mexico Senate.

In my perspective, a title, a win, or a loss do not define leadership but rather actions. Throughout this campaign, and even though I did not win the primary, I have remained true to my goals of improvement, as a leader. In hindsight, I cannot focus on one loss when I gained so much in this six-month campaign. With a positive focus I successfully:

·    Broke social barriers

·    Brought people together

·    Changed negative perspectives on politics

·    Caused some voters to switch to the Democratic Party

·    Helped increased voter involvement

·    Helped students, veterans, and the unemployed through our nonprofit Balance-N-Options

·    Inspired youth to achieve more, no matter

·    Made headlines that brought positive attention to our community

·    Moved people to vote who never voted before

·    Received two academic awards for a 4.0 GPA in a Tribal Economic Development BA program.

In short, I got people involved and I gave the people hope. However, I did not do this alone. Not only do I thank you, but my family thanks you as well.

Above everything, it was a humbling experience and I am grateful to have had your support. Many people have asked, “What are you doing now?” And my answer is exactly what I have been doing: working for the

Now, to answer the question, “Will you run again?” If it means setting new standards to the definition of leadership, of course! I am not going to aim for anything lower, nor will my focus change. I want you all to know that my priority is the people, your needs are still a priority to me. I may not have won this year’s primary, but I still believe that we made a great impact. As I advance in my mission, I want to let you know that I look forward to working with you in continuing our progress of building our future together.


Felisha Adams