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Weekly Crime Blotter

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3/19, GALLUP

Adrian Niiha crashed out in the back of someone else’s vehicle and was arrested for “unlawful taking of a vehicle,” according to Gallup Police Department Officer Jessie Diaz’s report. Niiha, 24, refused to open the car door for officers, so they had to utilize a “lockout kit tool” to open the vehicle. Diaz noted that there were cans of “Four Loko” and “Mickey’s” in the middle cup holders. So, he was also charged with “consume/possession of alcohol in a motor vehicle.”



Joseph Hunter of Springfield, MO, was found deceased in his big rig at the Pilot Travel Center. MCSO Deputy Salina Brown responded to scene at about 8:30 am. An employee found him unresponsive. According to Brown’s report, Hunter’s stepfather said the only medical condition he new that his son had was sleep apnea. Hunter was 38.


3/17, GALLUP

Mika Notah, 18, reportedly threw a flashlight at an employee’s face during intake at NCI Gallup Detox Center. The flashlight hit the employee’s chin and chest, according to GPD Officer Dominic Molina’s report. Notah pulled his wrist away from Molina as he tried to cuff him, and based on the report he was angry and used some choice language not fit for print. Notah was charged with battery and resisting, evading or obstructing an officer.



McKinley County Sheriff’s Deputy Garylle James responded to call from a woman who said her nephew Alex Beyale, 29, was being belligerent and she wanted him out of the house. He and a woman were asleep in the back room, according to the deputy’s report. He woke them up and offered to take them elsewhere.

Both complied, but James soon discovered that Beyale had a bench warrant in Sandoval County. The woman was dropped off and James asked Beyale to get out of the car so he can place him in handcuffs. This is when Beyale’s reported belligerent side came out. He spat on the deputy and was arrested for battery on a peace officer.



Michael King was gassing up at Conoco gas station at about 9:40 pm when he became the target of a man with a rifle, who fired some shots that hit King’s vehicle and nearby businesses, according to MCSO Deputy Jessie Bowman’s report. It seems the men got into a verbal altercation and numerous shots were fired. No one was injured during the melee. The suspect fled the scene.


3/14 - Hasler Valley Road, eastbound: In attempt to avoid hitting a dog standing in the middle of the road, the driver crashed into a guardrail and landed in an arroyo. It was a remote stretch as the woman had to walk some 3 miles to the intersection of Hasler Valley and Baatan Memorial Highway to find help. She sustained facial injuries and was treated at a local hospital.


3/17 - Gallup Sales/Four Corners Welding: A thief cut the chain to the gate to gain entry into the lot sometime during the night. The suspect(s) stole two batteries out of two semi-trucks; four batteries out of a white Ford truck and blue GMC van; 18-tie down straps with a ratchet tightener; and a two wheel cart. Fifteen cases of Schlitz Bull Ice were also stolen. According to GPD Officer Jeremy Shirley’s report, the items stolen come to $1,068.

3/14 - A family living on the 300 block of Summit said that someone smash out their dining room window during the early evening hours. According to MCSO Jeff Barnhurst’s report, the mother saw a man run from their home. He was wearing a black pullover hooded jacket. The man used a brick to break out the window, valued at $200.