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Clissa M. Martin

Feb. 24, 2:46 pm

Aggravated DWI

According to Gallup Police Department Officer Cynthia Romancito’s report, she observed Martin, 31, back into a car, causing damages, then drive away from the scene. Before she could get too far, Romancito pulled her over and administered field sobriety tests, which didn’t go well for Martin. She was arrested, and when given the two required breath tests, she blew a .28 and .30. The legal limit is .08.

Victoria L. Pete

Feb. 22, 7 pm

Aggravated DWI

According to McKinley County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Johnson Lee’s report, Pete, 33, admitted to drinking “just a little bit.” Lee noted that he could smell alcohol coming from her breath. When he asked her to step out the car, “a open can of Budweiser fell onto the ground.” When booked, Pete blew a .16 and .15 during the alcohol content breath tests.

Brandon Bowie

Feb. 20, 1:58 am

Aggravated DWI

The report for this DWI warrants a full story, but not enough space this week. According to GPD Officer Timothy Hughte’s report, Bowie, 24, tried to race another vehicle up South Second Street. The other vehicle pulled into the parking lot near Teriyaki House. Bowie allegedly struck their car. Witness statements alleged that Bowie struck the vehicle on purpose.

Bowie’s vehicle had open containers of booze on the passenger side floor. He refused to take field sobriety or breath tests.

Farrell Yonnie

Feb. 19, 11:26 pm

3rd DWI, Aggravated

Yonnie reportedly was pulled over by GPD Officer Chaz Troncoso for driving without headlights. Yonnie pulled into the McDonald’s west parking lot. Troncoso noticed a white blanket covering a box of Budweiser in the backseat of vehicle. From observation, Yonnie, 49, appeared intoxicated, according the report, but denied drinking that evening. He refused to take the field sobriety and breath tests.

Clara M. Johnson

Feb. 19, 7:01 pm

Aggravated DWI

Johnson had pulled into the Taco Bell west drive through by the time GPD Officer Joe Roanhorse flashed his berries on her vehicle to pull over. According to the police report,  Johnson, 47, showed the signs of intoxication, and Roanhorse noted that there was an empty can and “a gallon of Crystal Palace Vodka half empty behind the passenger seat.” When booked, she blew a .18, twice, during the breath tests.

Tara Ashley

Feb. 19, 4:40 pm


GPD Matthew Ashley responded to a call about “a beer skip” that had taken place. A beer skip is when someone grabs beer from a store and runs out the door without paying for it. According to GPD Officer Victor Rodriguez’ report, the vehicle pulled into a driveway off a home off Arnold Street. Tara Ashley, 38, refused to engage in the field sobriety and breath tests.

Shannon J. Clark

Feb. 18, 4:15 pm


GPD Officer Luke Martin responded to a call about an intoxicated woman that reportedly pushed her way into someone’s apartment and left the scene in her car before police arrived. Martin caught up with the woman – Clark – and noticed that she had “blood shot watery eyes” and “an odor of alcoholic beverage as she spoke,” according to the police report.

Clark, 37, “did poorly” on the field sobriety tests and was booked for her first DWI. She blew a .08, twice, during breath tests.

Harrison Yazzie

Feb. 17, 9:13 pm

2nd DWI, Aggravated

Some sloppy driving moves got Yazzie, 35, pulled over by GPD Officer Douglas Hoffman. According to the police report, Hoffman could smell the strong odor of booze as Yazzie rolled down his window. He admitted to drinking, but refused to take field sobriety or breath tests. He was also booked for driving with an open container in his vehicle.

Adrian R. Angel

Feb. 17, 11:14 pm

2nd DWI, Aggravated

Angel was reportedly freaking out some employees at Applebee’s by video recording them working. GPD Officer Chaz Troncoso stated that Angel jumped into a maroon jeep and drove off before officers arrived on scene. Troncoso caught up with him in front of a barber shop on Ninth Street. Angel, 36, refused to take the field sobriety and breath tests, according to the police report.

He reportedly said, “I am not that f--ked up.” A K-9 officer was called to search the vehicle for narcotics, but the reason and results of that inspection were not noted in  the report.