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Thursday, Jun 04th

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Tierro R. Haley

11/13, 2:21 am

1st DWI, Aggravated

Haley first caught a police officer’s attention when he was napping in his Dodge Charger at the Giant ON 1223 E. Highway 66. Before an officer could approach him, he took off and led Gallup Police Department Officer Chaz Troncoso on a high speed chase through the side streets of Gallup and Highway 66, reaching speeds of more than 60 mph.

He also ignored and drove over police “stop sticks.” Haley eventually stopped and parked at Chuska Apartments and popped open the trunk. Troncoso noted that Haley, 24, showed the signs of intoxication and admitted to drinking five “Yukon Jacks.” Police also found a pipe and marijuana when searching his Charger. He blew two .16s, and one .19 during the Breath Alcohol Content test.

Haley was booked for his first DWI, aggravated for blowing a .16 – double the legal limit – and charged for aggravated fleeting, possession of marijuana, among other charges.

Corrine Terrazas

10/24, 8:15 pm

Aggravated DWI

Terrazas caught a McKinley County Sheriff’s Office deputy’s attention as she headed the wrong way down U.S. Route 491. When Deputy Lorenzo Guerrero of the Sheriff’s DWI Unit approached Terrazas, she claimed to have drunk two beers. He asked her to step out of the vehicle and engage in field sobriety tests, which she struggled with and was arrested for an Aggravated DWI. She blew .23 and .21 during the breath test.

Dorrin Thomas

10/24, 4 pm


Thomas was pulled over by Deputy Guerrero for reportedly traveling down Highway 264, going 95 in a 65 mph speed zone. At first he told the deputy that his name was Aaron Archie, but upon search of his vehicle, Guerrero located his Arizona driver’s license. According to the deputy’s report, Thomas said he gave a false name because he was “scared.”

He took the field sobriety tests, and was placed under arrest, but refused to take the breath tests.

Darrin H. Washburn

10/15, 7:09 pm

Aggravated DWI

GPD Officer Steven Peshlakai responded to a call at the Giant gas station on south Second Street. There he encountered Washburn who was described in the police report as a intoxicated pony-tailed man wearing a Slayer shirt with a belligerent attitude to boot.  Witnesses said he hit a semi-truck and a Jeep with his maroon Chevy Trailblazer.

Washburn admitted that he had been drinking all night, but denied that he had been driving or was involved in either accident. Peshlakai tried to conduct some field sobriety tests, but Washburn was uncooperative, and was trying to chat with a Community Service Aid on scene. He was arrested, but refused to take the breath test.

He was also booked for careless driving and damaging property.