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Thursday, Jun 04th

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Weekly Crime Blotter

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Aggravated Assault


McKinley County Sheriff’s Deputy Gabrielle Puhuyesva was called to the Ramirez apartments, for a domestic dispute. The female caller was Tasheena Benally. According to the report, Benally told Metro her boyfriend Gabriel Ramos threatened her with a potato peeler. Benally reported that she and Ramos hadn’t talked in three days. While she was at home with their 9-month-old and 2-year-old, Ramos came back to the house to pick up clothes and started peeling potatoes. According to the report, Ramos told Benally he was “tired of her shit” and put the potato peeler to her throat. Benally left the kitchen and was pushed by Ramos. The youngest child, female, tried to get near her parents and Ramos pushed her out of the way. The child was uninjured. Benally refused to go to a battered women’s shelter, but told Puhuyesva that Ramos did have a key.



Homeowners Steven Sloan and his girlfriend Shayna Cordle called the police to report a robbery of six firearms. MCSO Deputy Nacona Clark responded. Sloane and Cordle said they left for work at 6:10 am and returned at 4:45 pm. According to the report, Sloan said they always lock their doors, but he noticed that the back door was open with a dent on the frame. They just moved to the area and have no family, or friends, outside of work. Cordle said she heard someone fart outside the bedroom window one week prior to the burglary. Multiple firearms were reported stolen.

Recovered vehicle


MCSO Deputy Nocona Clark responded to a fender bender at BJ Country Store. Clark spoke with both drivers and noticed a white Ford-350 without a license plate. The driver was Stephen Lengal who had no paperwork for the vehicle. According to the report, Lengal said it belonged to his friend Isaiah Chavez. The vehicle identification number marked the truck as stolen out of Rio Rancho. The temporary tag belonged to a 2012 gray Nissan, but he claimed it was a 2004 Ford. Someone used white out to block the color of the correct vehicle, the report stated. Lengal was later charged with receiving a stolen vehicle.

Stolen TV


Gallup Police Department Officer Merlin Benally responded to a reported burglary at Grand Canyon trailer park. Janita Mariano who reported the burglary stated she was housesitting for a friend who was in jail, Jameson Baker. According to the report, Mariano checked the trailer the day before and it was fine. When she checked the next day, she found the plastic that covered the back door was on the floor and not secured. Baker’s 55 inch Panasonic flat screen TV and Funai DVD set were missing. Mariano checked the yard for footprints, but didn’t find any so she called police.

Hungry Shoplifter


GPD Officer Jessie Diaz was called to U Save Truck Stop. An intoxicated male, who was later identified, as Donald Tolino, was opening containers and eating the contents. Store clerk, John McNeil reported that Tolino opened a bag of Pizzaeria Pretzels valued at $3, and refused to pay for them. Tolino was placed under arrest and refused to cooperate.

Stolen Vehicle


MCSO Deputy Ivan Tsethlikai responded to a call from the Pilot Truck Stop. David George reported that his 2003 GMC pickup truck had been taken from the parking lot. According to the report, George said he and his “soon to be ex-wife” Stella Joe, were both listed as registered owners. George suspected Joe’s son Juiju had taken the vehicle. Tsethlikai spoke with a Pilot manager who provided video surveillance and Juiju was seen driving away in the truck. George identified Juiju and the truck through the video.

Child Neglect/Abuse


GPD Officer Merlin Benally and two other officers were dispatched to a domestic dispute. Benally met with a 17-year-old male who said everything was fine. According to the report, the young male was agitated because he thought the police would be mad that he hit his grandma. Benally asked if he had weapons. He didn’t. Christine Jim who appeared highly intoxicated met with another officer. She is the mother of the two minor children. Benally then met with a 15-year-old girl and Lousie Jim, the grandmother. Louise Jim said the fight was between the young male and his mother Christine Jim, who was not welcome in the home and was encouraged to leave. Christine Jim told her son not to disrespect her and slapped his face, the report stated. A fight then ensued between the young female and her mother. The young male tried to stop the fight and Louise Jim was hit accidentally. Lousie Jim gave Benally a silver pipe, with what appeared to be marijuana. No one in the home claimed it. It was disposed of by Benally, at the station. Christine Jim was booked for two counts of child abuse.