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Tuesday, Feb 25th

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12 Years as Classmates - Gallup High Reunion

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Gallup High graduates held a reunion this summer that included some students from First-grade at Roosevelt Elementary School and stayed with their classmates through their final year at what was then a three-year old building on Boardman Drive known as Gallup High (now the site of Miyamura High School).

Matching the current pictures with the much younger versions is a little more difficult, although surely the old phrase, “You haven’t changed a bit” was heard more than once during the reunion. The Gallup Sun is not responsible for those changes; however, so only cryptic hints have been included in parenthesis behind the student names listed above. Those names were deciphered from an incomplete list added to the back of the black and white picture. 1 indicates the top row, i.e., and the second number is the location from the left side.