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Gallup drug dealers: Hooked and booked

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After various six month long investigations, six people were placed in jail on distribution charges. As reported in a previous addition, the Gallup Sun will not release the identity of undercover narcotics agents. Agent #1 and Agent #2 were met with at a secure location along with another agent and Capt. Rick White of the Gallup Police Department.

According to GPD, these are just the beginning.

“[There are] more to come,” Agent #2 said regarding narcotics arrest.


Kendrick Jim, 24, Gallup

According to the statement of probable cause, Agent #2 contacted Jim and set up a meet where the Agent purchased $80 worth of a “green leafy substance [that] had the appearance of Marijuana.”

Jim was arrested on the spot. Jim was asked if he had any belongings that he would like to take with him and he pointed out a black in color Nike bag.

“The black in color Nike bag had a beanie inside it,” Agent #2 wrote in the statement. “Inside the beanie was a white canister with green stickers on it. Inside the canister was a black in color scale with green leafy substance on it, several small Ziploc baggies and a baggie with green leafy substance inside it.”


Dezerie Diaz, 30, Gallup

Diaz is facing charges of possession of methamphetamine as well as distribution of a controlled substance, methamphetamine, according to two separate arrest warrants.

The first warrant stems from a search warrant that was served on the residence which Diaz was occupying at 101 East Wilson.

During the search, a K-9 unit was utilized “to conduct an open air sniff of the residence” to which the K-9 “alerted in the bedroom” where Diaz had been. Agents checked the area “and located a small plastic Ziploc type baggie that contained white, glass, shard like substance having the appearance of methamphetamine. The substance was sent to the forensic lab which confirmed that the substance was methamphetamine.

The second warrant, filed by Agent #2, describes an undercover buy with Diaz.

Undercover agents arranged the purchase of suspected methamphetamine’s from Diaz for $50. According to the warrant, Diaz arrived in a motor vehicle, made the exchange and left the area.

“Affiant conducted a field test of the suspected methamphetamine,” Agent #2 said in the warrant.

The test kit came back positive for methamphetamine. The suspected drugs were sent to the forensic lab which confirmed that .17 grams was methamphetamine.

Diaz was arrested July 16. Both warrants held a $5,000 cash bond only at the time they were served.

Richard Mazon, 32, Gallup

Mazon is also facing distribution charges of methamphetamine, according to the July 14 arrest warrant filed by Agent #1.

Undercover agents organized a buy from Mazon and walked away from the buy with “a small, blue plastic Ziploc type baggie which contained a glass/shards like substance having the appearance of methamphetamine based on Affiant’s training and experience.”

A field test kit gave an initial positive test for methamphetamine. The suspected drugs were sent off the forensic lab where .25 grams were confirmed as being methamphetamine.

“When they sell it, they sell it in grams,” Agent #1 explained. “Only .2 of the gram was solid meth.”

The agents explained that most narcotics are not pure, due to them being mixed with other substances, presumably to make more profit from the sale of narcotics.

Agent #3 explained that .2 grams would be somewhat equivalent to the circle end of a pen, a very small amount.

Mazon was arrested on the warrant on July 14.

Moses Alonzo, 21, and Michael Villanueva, 39, were also arrested with Mazon, according to Agent #2. Alonzo had an outstanding warrant for trafficking.


Alyssia Duran, 26, Gallup

Duran was already in the jail when she was served on her warrant for distribution of heroin. According to the arrest warrant, agents arranged an undercover buy where $60 was traded for the purchase of heroin.

Agents recovered “three little clear baggies containing black tar substance having the appearance of Heroin based on Affiant’s training and experience.” A test kit was performed on the suspected narcotics.

“The black tar tested positive for presumptive identification of Heroin,” Agent #2 said in the warrant.

The forensic lab confirmed what the test kit said and the narcotics tested positive as .08 grams and .06 grams of heroin.

The arrest warrant is for $5,000 cash only bond.

White said that the warrants served showed “a great team effort” from the narcotics agents along with the GPD Officers.

“There are more arrests to follow,” Agent #2 said. “A lot more.”

White said that this should serve as a warning to drug dealing population.

“If you’re selling drugs in Gallup, you will get caught,” White said. “You might already have been caught, just not served yet.”