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Does ‘white privilege’ exist? Schaller conducts own analysis

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Part 1 of 2

Thousands of years ago primitive man almost instinctively realized that a pregnant woman didn’t stand much of a chance providing daily essentials on her own. Once the child was born that reality did not change.

As societies developed it also became apparent that a child abandoned by one or both of their parents would often display behavioral disorders disruptive to society and thus become a burden and even a destructive force.

It behooved tribal community leaders to provide assurances and incentives for families to remain intact. Since children are the defenseless parties in a family, tribal societies granted them birthrights to their biological mother and father and the institution of marriage of a man to a woman was created.

Think about it, every surviving society in the history of mankind including almost all of your parents and grandparents were nothing but a bunch of intolerant sexist bigots – until now. Nowadays we know so much more than our misguided ancestors. Our elevated state of enlightenment allows us to recognize that our only true parent is the government, good ol’ Uncle Sam. The notion that children should be granted birthrights to their biological parents by the institution of marriage is nothing but narrow-minded and redneck – right?

Many of our enlightened elite in academia, media, politics and bureaucracy tell us that the inability for people to function normally in society is largely due to racial considerations rather than parental nurturing. Those who succeed, do so primarily due to the social construct known as “white privilege,” the deck stacked in favor of white skin color. That indeed seems to be the prevailing paradigm, at least in regards to the fundamentalist dogma intrinsic to progressive statists. Or could it be that our ancestral fuddy-duddies were actually on to something?

In this day and age social justice is defined in progressive terms of monetary equality by way of distribution of wealth, yet social justice originated as a conservative notion concerning family stability and children’s birthrights.

Ironically it is the fixation on social issues by the progressive left, not the right, that have brought about family breakdown and parental neglect. It is the left making demands for societal change, while the Christian right stays on the defensive, defending the family as well as children’s rights only to be labeled as intolerant bigots. That marks another socially constructed privilege you likely haven’t yet heard about, “PC liberal privilege.”

How can we know for sure what sort of social justice determines success or failure, happiness or despair, self-actualization or nonfulfillment? Thanks to centuries of studies in the social sciences, particularly since the 1960s, it is possible to objectively quantify “privilege” as well as dysfunctional behavior using different parameters. Privilege is usually measured by income levels, employment, college admissions or ability to obtain a loan.

The assumption of liberals is that Caucasians top those lists; however, if we look at statistical data we find something totally contradictory to that notion. Despite the tremendous amount of oppression previously suffered by Japanese and Chinese-Americans it turns out that Asians easily have the highest levels of achievement in America when a racial comparison is measured.

That’s not all, when ethnicities are also considered, Indian-Americans, Filipino-Americans, Egyptian-Americans and Pacific Islanders all score higher than whites on the privilege scale. The white privilege construct that maintains societal privileges, advantages and freedoms are denied to non-whites is quite clearly a patent fraud.

There is an extremely revealing correlation which can be drawn from racial-ethnic success rates though and it has to do with how a child is raised, specifically whether or not they were raised in a broken home (one or both of the biological parents absent at some time during childhood).

If you look at the graph I constructed you can see an inverse correlation between out-of-wedlock births by race and median household income by race. The link is cultural. Asian cultures as well as Jewish stress personal responsibility and achievement while rejecting welfare dependency. My graph may come as a shock to leftist race hustlers of McKinley County and UNM, however, bear in mind that the achievement/parenting correlation was quite obvious to primitive man thousands of years ago. Neanderthal man would likely have put it this way, “DUH!”

Next week I’ll look more at Uncle Sam’s parental guidance approach of welfare dependency and the unprivileged offspring.