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A beating at the gas pumps

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Jonathan Yazzie, 24, of Gallup probably didn’t expect the violent reaction to his alleged actions that resulted in his beating June 14 at Allsups on Arnold Street.

According to the police report, filed by Gallup Police Department Lt. Edwin Yazzie, it was a female’s screams which brought him to the gas station at 1:12 am that Sunday morning. GPD officers were already in the area handling another call.

“Upon my arrival, I saw several individuals running in all directions away from the parking lot by the gas pumps,” Lt. Yazzie said in his report.

That’s when Lt. Yazzie saw Jonathan, aka John Charley, who was displaying signs of intoxication and was bleeding from a laceration to his left eyelid, his arm and his mouth.

Several witnesses told Lt. Yazzie that Jonathan had been hitting vehicles in the parking lot and yelling at customers, appearing ready to fight. When Jonathan tried that with some people that were walking to Allsups, he did end up in a fight.

Witnesses told police that several men, possibly four or five, beat Jonathan. He was immediately transported to the hospital for his injuries. Officers were later told that he had some serious injuries and trauma to the face and head, but would most likely recover.

Witnesses could only identify the men as Gabriel, Ramon, Timo and Rudy at the time.

Another witness came forward and said metal crutches were used during the attack and were broken.

GPD officers located Gabriel Monroe as well as Ramon and Rudy Garcia and placed them under arrest. Ramon and Rudy told police that Jonathan Yazzie had pushed their friend, Monroe, down first and that he was on crutches, so they pushed him back.

None of them admitted to hitting Jonathan.

Monroe, of 18, Medford, OR was arrested for the aggravated battery as well as resisting, evading or obstructing an officer. Rudy Garcia, 28, of Churchrock was arrested for the same charges. Ramon Garcia, 26, of Pinedale, Ariz. was arrested for resisting, evading, obstructing an officer.

Timo wasn’t mentioned again in the report.