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Navajo Nation and Pueblo of Zuni unite to promote health, wellness

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ZUNI, N.M. – Navajo Nation President Jonathan Nez and Pueblo of Zuni Gov. Val R. Panteah came together at the Zuni Veterans Memorial Park in Zuni, N.M. June 21, as they signed the “Running for Stronger and Healthier Navajo and Zuni Nation” proclamation to promote health and wellness among the Navajo and Zuni people.

The proclamation also highlights the upcoming Ninth Annual Running for a Stronger and Healthier Navajo and Zuni Nation that is scheduled to begin on July 8 through July 15. Participants in this year’s event will run through Navajo and Zuni communities.

The Ninth Annual Running for a Stronger and Healthier Navajo and Zuni Nation is coordinated by the Navajo Nation Special Diabetes Program in cooperation with the Zuni Healthy Lifestyles Program, which promotes healthy lifestyles, diabetes prevention, and serves to bring awareness to obesity, cancer, chronic diseases.

“The Navajo Nation and Pueblo of Zuni are committed to empowering our communities by promoting the benefits of active living and healthy eating to live better lives,” said President Nez. “Vice President Myron Lizer and I are proud to partner with the Pueblo of Zuni as we work together on this important initiative.

The proclamation states that all Navajo Nation Chapter affiliates and Pueblo of Zuni divisions and departments, health care facilities, school health, athletic programs, local communities and national organizations will combine efforts, strategic partners, and volunteers to coordinate a successful run across the Zuni Tribal lands and across the Navajo Nation.

This year’s run will officially begin at Ramah Chapter on July 8 and proceed westward to Pine Hill, Zuni Pueblo, Kamp Kiwanis, Chichiltah Chapter, Bread Springs Chapter, Red Rock Chapter, Manuelito Chapter, Tseyatoh Chapter, and then to Lupton Chapter, Houck Chapter, Pine Springs Community, and St. Michaels Chapter.

On July 14, the participants will proceed to Window Rock where they will join horseback riders, bike riders, and others to commemorate the start of the 2019 Summer Council Session, which begins on July 15.

Gov. Panteah was joined by several Zuni Tribal Council and Zuni Healthy Lifestyles Program officials during the signing ceremony, where each expressed their support for the initiative and for working together with the Navajo Nation.

President Nez also noted that the joint proclamation aligns with the Nez-Lizer Administration’s goal of working with other tribes to increase positive relationships and collaboration amongst tribal nations.

Vice President Myron Lizer also met with Gov. Panteah several months ago and discussed possibilities of working together to create economic and community development opportunities in the Fort Wingate area, where both tribes have neighboring lands.

“We are much stronger and powerful when we work together and speak with a united voice,” said President Nez. “With the signing of this proclamation, we’re building a stronger foundation for the Pueblo of Zuni and the Navajo Nation to collaborate and work cooperatively for many years to come.”

For more information about the Navajo Nation Special Diabetes Program, please visit http://www.nnsdp.org/.