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Alvin Roan

May 15, 3:00 pm


McKinley County Sheriff Deputy Lorenzo Guerrero said he was driving on U.S. Highway 491 near the 11-mile marker when he saw a vehicle speeding. He clocked it going 76 miles per hour in a 65 mile-per-hour speed zone.

He conducted a traffic stop. When he talked to the driver, Alvin Roan, 34, of St. Michaels, he noticed signs that Roan was intoxicated. He asked Roan if he would agree to take the standard field sobriety test.

Roan asked why since he knew Guerrero smell alcohol on his breath. But he agreed to take the test anyway and failed. He refused to take the breath alcohol test.

Since Roan was arrested in a section of the highway that was on Navajo Reservation land, Roan was taken to the Window Rock Jail and booked there.


Ronald Sam

May 14, 4:21 pm

DWI (First offense)

McKinley County Sheriff Deputy Eric Jim said he was requested to aid other deputies who had found Sam, 54, of William Acres, asleep behind in his vehicle, which was on County Road 1 with its engine on.

Sam showed signs of being intoxicated and was barely able to walk, so an ambulance was called and he was transported to the Gallup Indian Medical Center where Jim said he went to talk to him.

Jim said he asked Sam if he knew where he was and Sam said in a hospital. But he could not remember what happened. He said he was on his way to his girlfriend’s house.

He also admitted that he had consumed seven pints of liquor that evening. He said he was alone drinking in the hills.

He agreed to take a modified sobriety test and failed. He then agreed to have blood drawn to have a blood alcohol test done. Later that day, Sam was released and was transported to the county jail where he was charged with DWI.


Elvina Tsosie

April 27, 7:28 pm

Aggravated DWI (First offense)

Elvira Tsosie, of Pinedale, was stopped by a Gallup police officer after he noticed her vehicle almost hit the curb and then go into the opposite lane.

There were three passengers in the vehicle and police observed several empty bottles in the vehicle. Tsosie also showed signs of being intoxicated, having bloodshot eyes and slurring her words.

She agreed to take a field sobriety test which she failed. She then agreed to a portable breath test and blew a .307. She refused to take a breath alcohol test.

Besides the aggravated DWI charged, she received several other charges including having no driver’s license, no license or registration, and having a fictitious license plate.

Two of the passengers inside the vehicle were also intoxicated and taken to the Gallup Detox Center.


Tillman Delgarito

April 25, 6:53 pm

Aggravated DWI

Gallup Patrolman Randy Delena said he was on routine patrol when he noticed a vehicle traveling south on the Munoz Overpass that didn’t have a license plate or temporary plates.

He did a traffic stop and talked to Delgarito, 27, of Prewitt, who said he was coming from Mexican Springs.

Delena said Delgarito showed signs of being intoxicated and had trouble keeping his balance. When asked if he had anything to drink that day, Delgarito said he only had one can of beer two hours before driving.

He agreed to to take a field sobriety test and failed. He also agreed to take a breath alcohol test and posted samples of .24 and .23.