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Darryl Boyd

Aug. 18, 5:05 pm

Aggravated DWI (refusal)

Gallup Police Department Officer Daniel Brown was among several officers who took part in the arrest of Darryl Boyd, 34, of Yah-Ta-Hey, who was reported to Metro Dispatch as a possible drunk driver.

Other officers had seen Boyd weaving on the road and conducted a traffic stop near Gallup Lumber & Supply Co. When Brown arrived at the site, Boyd had been placed in the backseat of a police unit, according to the police report. Brown asked Boyd how many drinks he had, and Boyd reportedly replied that he had three margaritas earlier in the day.

Since Boyd was having difficulty balancing and showed other signs of intoxication, he was asked if he was willing to take the standard field sobriety tests, to which he replied, “I’m good.”

Boyd told Brown he wanted to talk to his girlfriend, and when asked again if he was willing to take the field sobriety tests, he said no. He also declined to take the breath alcohol test.

Police found a miniature of Yukon Jack in Boyd’s pants, as well as an empty miniature in his vehicle. Boyd was also charged with possession of an open container in his car. He had been driving with a suspended driver’s license and without registration or insurance.


Beau Lorenzo James

Aug.  16, 7:37 pm

Aggravated DWI

McKinley County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Johnson Lee was dispatched to mile-marker 9 on Interstate 40 in connection to a one-vehicle rollover.

Lee said, when he arrived at the scene, he found James, 31, of Kayenta, uninsured and upset at the damage to his car. Lee’s investigation revealed that James was trying to pass another car on the ramp when he lost control of his vehicle.

Lee asked James where he was going and James said he had left Iyanbito to get food at Walmart. Lee asked whether James was heading to the Walmart in Grants and Kama, and James replied no, he was going to the one in Gallup. Lee told James he was going the wrong way. James reportedly appeared to be confused.

Lee smelled the faint odor of liquor and asked James if he was willing to take a field sobriety test. According to the report, James agreed, but he wasn’t able to finish it. Lee then asked James to take a portable breath test, which he agreed to do. James posted a sample of .20 and was arrested. He was later transported to police headquarters and given another breath alcohol test during which he posted two samples of .18.


Tyrone Fischer

Aug. 13, 3:21 am

Aggravated DWI

GPD Officer Patrick Largo was dispatched to the McDonald’s on U.S. Highway 491 after a clerk reported an intoxicated driver at the drive-thru.

By the time Largo arrived, the driver had left, but another patrolman found the car nearby and conducted a traffic stop. Largo said he then made contact with Fischer, 33, of Gallup.

Fischer told Largo he had not consumed any alcoholic beverages, but according to the report, Largo noticed signs that Fischer was intoxicated and asked Fischer to take a field sobriety test.

Fischer said he may have a concussion from participating in a rodeo earlier in the day, but he agreed to give it a try. As he took the tests, Largo said Fischer swayed from side to side. Fischer failed the test and agreed to take a portable breath test during which he posted a sample of .169.

According to Largo, Fischer then admitted to drinking beer earlier in the evening. He was later transported to police headquarters and given a breath alcohol test, posting samples of .16 and .15.


Priscilla Wilson

Aug. 7,  8:15 pm


MCSO Deputy Jasmine Jaramillo said she was in the parking lot of the Dead Horse Mustang when she saw a vehicle race out of the lot, and not paying attention to pedestrians and traffic.

Jaramillo conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle for careless driving and talked to Priscilla Wilson, 42, of Pinedale. When asked if she had been drinking, Wilson reportedly admitted to having a couple morning beers and a shot of Crown Royal.

She agreed to take the standard field sobriety tests and failed. After that, according to the report, Wilson was transported to the sheriff’s office, where she agreed to take a breath alcohol test, posting two samples of .16.


Cody Goldtooth

Aug. 10, 1:59 am

Aggravated DWI

MCSO Deputy Cecil Sanders said he was on regular patrol, heading south on N.M. 602 behind a pickup truck with a horse trailer, when he noticed the trailer had no taillights and the driver was having a hard time staying in his lane.

According to the report, Sanders conducted a traffic stop and spoke with Cody Goldtooth, 36, of Page, Ariz., who admitted to having a few beers while calf-roping in Crownpoint.

Goldtooth agreed to take field sobriety tests, which he failed. He then agreed to take breath alcohol tests, blowing two samples of .22.