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Letter to the Editor: Concerns over public safety during Arts Crawl

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This letter is to inform you and seek any feedback on the city’s intention to step up public safety measures during Arts Crawl. In the past we have used we have used saw horses to block city streets. This of course is easily moved which has allowed traffic to pass through streets places pedestrian at risk. Arts Crawl draws up to 1,000 visitors throughout the evening to our city streets.

There isn’t a day that goes by in both small and large towns where someone has intentionally cause harm to people in public places. So, the City of Gallup Office of Emergency Management, working in conjunction with Gallup Police and Roads Department effective 10 March 2018. We will stop blocking streets with saw horses and switch to heavy equipment, such as snow removal vehicles during all Arts Crawl Events.

Business owners were given letters of intent and advised what to do if they had an expected delivery during these times.

The City of Gallup Streets Department will be placing large vehicles such as snow removers on the corners of Coal and 1st Street, Coal and 3rd Street, 2nd and Aztec, and 2nd and Route 66. They will have drivers assigned during the entire event to ensure expedient movement in the event of an emergency.

This action is only to reduce the risk of injury to pedestrians  walking in and around Coal Street.  It is our intention to ensure everyone can truly enjoy the Arts Crawl Event.

The alleys between 1st and 3rd street will be blocked with smaller barriers, along with access to the market place. Each and every vehicle used to block the streets will have a driver present during the hours of 6 pm- 9 pm. This will ensure expedient moment of their vehicles in case of an emergency.

If you are expecting a delivery during this time, please call my office in advance at 505-722-4195 to make arrangements to move any vehicles or barriers to support your need.

It is only our intentions to reduce the risk of injury to the public by taking these steps. Thank you for your patience in this matter.

Eric G. Babcock

Fire Chief, Emergency Manager

City of Gallup