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Weekly Police Activity Reports

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William G Candler, III, Dexter Shorty, Edison Yazzie, Jr., Randy Casuse, Dezeri Marie Diaz, Michael L. Gruber, James Earl Vinson, Trumayne Nez, Javin Q. Smith, Martin Morales, Bobby Gorman, Virgil F. Martinez, Sr., Shyleka Goldtooth, Earl J. Begay, Kyle Begay, Ronald A. Daggett, Victor B. Badoni, James Hunter Lange, Jonah Isralie Jones, Robert Earl Peters, Douglas Begay, Calvin Hardy, Mallory Begay, Derrick Billy, Adrian Thomas, Morgan Murphy, Ricky Peterson, Shaine A. Williams, and Carlos Jake.


Marvin Yazzie, Jennie Abeita, Zachary Kee, Brandon Chee, Michelle Foster, Tony Armijo, Chad Tsosie, Bobby Caldwell, and Pamela King.



10/30, INTERSTATE 40

According to McKinley County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Joseph Guillen’s accident report, at about 4:30 pm, a woman reaching for a cellphone while traveling eastbound on I-40, near mile post 13, became distracted, and in an effort to avoid a collision, she ended up skidding across two lanes of traffic, tipping the white Chevy onto the driver’s side for a brief slide before coming to rest on all four wheels on the eastbound shoulder.

The driver complained of shoulder pain, and said that she was having difficulty breathing, the report states.

The three other occupants ages 36, 15 and 9 did not complain of injuries. The 34-year-old driver was transported to a local hospital for treatment.


10/24, GAMERCO

The tables were turned on a Gamerco woman when McKinley County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Josie Bowman responded to a domestic dispute call on the 500 block of Santa Rita at 8:54 am.

Bowman noticed a man leaning against a blue Bronco with blood on both of his hands, clothing and left shin. The woman, Rosario Gallegos, 35, was sitting in the driver’s side of a white Chevy Malibu. The windshield had been shattered, and there was blood on the windshield and hood of the car.

Gallegos gave the story that she had stopped by the man’s house to pick up some medication. She said that the man was supposed to be at home taking care of his mom, but she said that he was elsewhere. She wanted to know where elsewhere was. Gallegos said the man started beating on her, and wouldn’t allow her to leave his house.

Bowman noted that there was some blood on her hands and lower mouth area. She claimed that he tried to rip her pants off, and Bowman confirmed in the report that Gallegos pants were ripped at the waist.

But, the man painted a different picture of the events that occurred. He said that Gallagos knocked on his window before breaking in to his bedroom. She proceeded to grill him about his whereabouts the night before, and then allegedly pulls off his underpants, saying that she wants to smell his private area to see if he had sexual relations with another woman the night before.

“She wanted to bite my p--is. But she bit my thigh. Then she got a hold of a pair of scissors and starts to attack me,” the report states.

The man was able to pull the scissors away from Gallegos, but then she allegedly pulls out a knife, lunging at him. He was able to get that away from her, but sustained cuts to his hands. He was also bit on the wrist.

When the man attempted to call police, she takes off with his phone and locks herself in the bedroom, making her way out the window. He breaks into the room, and when he peers outside Gallegos is slashing one of his tires. He runs out to the street yelling at Gallegos to leave and she starts driving towards him. This is when he smashes the windshield.

After reviewing the stories and evidence, the odds were stacked against Gallegos. She was placed under arrest for aggravated battery and assault on a household member and for breaking and entering. She was released on her own recognizance the following day.