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Julana K. Begay

Oct. 22, 1:24 am

DWI - 1st Offense

After receiving a tip about a possible drunk driver, McKinley County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Johnson Lee pulls over 20-year-old Begay in the parking lot of the Giant Gas station in Thoreau.  Deputy Johnson observes Begay to have blood shot and watery eyes even though she tried to chew gum to cover the smell of alcohol.

Lee asks her to perform field sobriety tests and she agreed. Begay then fails to correctly perform the field tests and after being instructed again, Deputy Johnson notices all the signs of impairment.

After blowing a .12, Begay was then arrested for her first DWI and booked into the McKinley County Detention Center.

Nasheen N. Trujillo

Oct. 21, 4:48 pm


Lieutenant Eric Jim of MCSO was asked to locate a possible a drunk driver on Highway 264, near the 15 mile marker.

He located the vehicle, a white Altima, parked on the shoulder of the westbound lane.  There he found 34-year-old Trujillo crying in the driver seat.

After inquiring about her well-being, Jim noticed her red watery eyes, maybe from crying, and the strong odor of alcohol.

Trujillo advised Jim that she had been drinking at Smokey’s about two hours before she was pulled over.  He asked her to perform some field sobriety tests which she agreed to do. Trujillo was not able to do the “heel to toe test” and needed to lean on her car to maintain her balance. She then attempted to do the one leg stand test, but admitted she couldn’t perform the test due how drunk she was.

Trujillo was then taken to the Sheriff’s office where she blew a .21 and .20.  Highway 264 is the jurisdiction of the Window Rock Police Department, so Jim transferred custody of Trujillo to the Window Rock Police Department for booking.

Adam Kham­­moun­gkhoune

Oct. 18, 8:09 am

DWI, Aggravated

28-year-old Adam Khammoungkhoune was observed by Deputy Josie Bowman of the McKinley County Sheriff’s Office going north on State Highway 264 at the 7 mile marker, followed by parking in the middle of the road on Yahtahey Loop.

Bowman noticed him get out of his Jeep, and walk to the back, then returned to the front of the vehicle and tries to drive off.  Bowman caught up with him, and noticed the that his glasses were “dirty and smeared with white stains,” and his eyes were blood shot.

Bowman also noticed the smell of alcohol. After asking for license and registration Khammoungkhoune tried to hand the deputy a folder with the supposed documents inside. He also admitted the vehicle belonged to his grandfather and he did not have a license.

Bowman then asked Adam if he would mind taking the Standardized Field Tests to which Adam replied “yeah.”  He showed signs of intoxication. He was then asked to take a breathalyzer test which he refused.  He later agreed and blew a .21. He was then booked at the McKinley County Adult Detention Center. A passenger was cited for open container and taken to Gallup Detox.

Christopher Leonard

Oct. 16, 2:58 am

DWI, 1st Offense

GPD Officer Luke Martin arrived at the 20-mile-marker on I-40 for a report of an accident.

There he met with another officer and 23-year-old Leonard.

A friend of Leonard’s was also on scene after Leonard had called him.  Leonard had crashed into a cable barrier so emergency medical personnel were notified.

After EMS evaluated him, Martin was able to get a statement from Leonard.

Martin noticed that he had bloodshot watery eyes, slurred speech and an odor of alcohol as he was talking. Leonard was asked to blow into the breathalyzer and blew a .17.

Martin then asked him to do the field sobriety tests and was only able to do the horizontal gaze test.  Leonard was transported to GPD at his own request to perform the remainder of the test due the cold weather. After arriving at the GPD,  Leonard refused to do the test because his friend was not present. Martin then arrested him for DWI and had him blow into the breathalyzer again where he blew a .14.

He was then booked in the McKinley County Adult Detention Center.

Sameerah Hussein

October 16, 2:58 am

DWI, 1st Offense

Hussein had offered to give her friend a ride to Gamerco, but he got a ride to RMCH instead after the vehicle they were in rolled over on the I-40 east bound on-ramp of exit 26.

After trying to blame her passenger for driving, she finally admitted to Officer Adrian Quetawki of the Gallup Police Department that she was the driver and had been drinking prior to the accident.

Quetawki then asked her to perform the field sobriety tests and Hussein failed by stepping off the line and taking 13 steps after being instructed to take 9 heel to toe steps.

Hussein was also unable to recite the alphabet as instructed and was subsequently arrested.  She had an outstanding warrant from Municipal Court and did not possess a valid driver’s license.

She was booked into the McKinley County Adult Detention Center after blowing .19 and .18.