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Coach’s Korner: Who is Number 34?!?!

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Just as the peak of Pyramid Rock is supported by its base, so too is our great nation supported by the people it governs. With this in mind we have the ability to assist our government with timely questions that will support her continued greatness.

When it comes to healthcare our voices should be loud. However, I’m not talking about health coverage, prescription medications and co-pays, but something much more fundamental, the quality of food.

You see, every nation on the planet knows that if the United States is looking for you there is no place to hide. Our technology is so extraordinary it eclipses the imagination of the best science-fiction writers; you can conduct banking transactions from your phone, order movie tickets, book airline flights, check your stock portfolio and even drive with adjustable cruise control. Yet when you ask where the United States ranks in terms of health compared to the top 100 nations across the globe…

We come in at number 34.

To put it another way, it means that if you miss 36 out of 100 questions you get a 64 or a “D for the grade. Do we know of any parents that would be happy to hear that their child is performing a D level academically? I don’t think so.

There are a number of factors that go into calculating a countries overall score such as the number of doctors per patient, let’s say 5 physicians for every 1,000 patients, average life expectancy, equal access to quality healthcare services and more. However, the biggest factors that separate the United States from the other 10 ten healthiest countries in the world is access to naturally grown, REAL organic food.

If you are not familiar with food labeling requirements let me enlighten you. Basically any company can use the label “organic” even if the product has been sprayed with or contains pesticides such as Glyphosate, a chemical used in the weed killer Roundup. The other issue with labels is that you have fruits and vegetables imported from outside the United States labeled organic but do not meet the strict standards required for a product to be truly organic or naturally grown.

The first step in producing better health is not going to see the doctor, its access to better food. You don’t have to interfere with free enterprise but as the scaffolding that supports our great nation we do have the right to demand that businesses produce superior quality foods.

It is unacceptable that a nation this great, this technologically advanced should receive a D grade with it comes to the most important substance on the planet.

Coach G

Greg McNeil is a StrongFirst Instructor, Professional Strength & Conditioning coach, Licensed Clinical Counselor (LPCC), Life Coach, Author, and the owner of Gallup School of Strength (www.gallupschoolofstrength.com)

By Greg McNeil