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Tuesday, Jul 17th

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Edward J. Duffy, Jr.

08.06.17,  2:32 am

DWI, 1st

MCSO Deputy Roxanne Slim was dispatched to the railroad tracks at the Iyanbito crossing to check on a vehicle that was still running but no driver could be seen. When Slim got close enough to see the driver, she knocked on the window before banging even harder to get the driver, Duffy, Jr., 43, of Ft. Wingate, to wake up.

Agreeing to a field sobriety test, Duffy quickly failed and was placed under arrest. When getting into the unit, Duffy hit the left side of his head and received a cut near his left eye. Slim cleaned the cut and closed it. Duffy’s mother was called to pick up the vehicle and Duffy was transported to the Sheriff’s Office for a breath test, which showed a BAC of 0.18 and 0.17. Slim then transported Duffy to GIMC for medical clearance on the cut to his head, and then to McKinley County Adult Detention Center

Harrick Nez

08.05.17,  5:37 pm

Agg. DWI, 1st

Nez, 35, of Chinle, AZ, was noticed traveling eastbound by MCSO Lt. Eric D. Jim. Finally able to catch up with the white car, Lt. Jim pulled him over at about the 6 mile marker on U.S. Route 491.

Following the field sobriety test, Nez was arrested and taken to the Sheriff’s Office where he blew two identical BACs of 0.23 Two intoxicated passengers in the car were taken to Gallup Detox. A green plastic container containing $97.24 and a Gallup Independent receipt book were logged into safe keeping at the sheriff’s office. Nez was booked for aggravated DWI, 1st offense, Speeding, and Open Container.

Stacey Lynn Reeves

08.03.17,  3:52 pm

Agg. DWI, 2nd

GPD Officer Norman Bowman had followed Reeves, 30, of Tohatchi to the intersection of Eighth Street and Aztec, where she had run into the back of a pickup owned by Bennie and Anne Chee of Navajo, NM. A witness to the accident caught Reeves before she could flee the scene and pinned her to the sidewalk. Officer Bowman found Reeves to be totally uncooperative, refusing a field sobriety test and was transported to the McKinley County Detention Center, and booked for DWI, 2nd Aggravated, and Open Container.

Ed Whitehorse

08.02.17,  4:29 pm

Agg. DWI, 1st

GPD Officer Bowman had arrested the other DWI suspect not quite 24-hours before.  Whitehorse, 49, of Lupton, AZ was stopped and arrested after leaving the Giant North at 701 N. U.S. Rte 491 when attempting to buy more alcohol. Officer Bowman followed Whitehorse to I-40 East and pulled him over at the 22 mile marker after seeing him weave from one lane to another.

Although he agreed to a field sobriety test, Bowman stopped it when it appeared Whitehorse might fall and injure himself. Besides the DWI, Whitehorse was also charged with Proof of Financial Responsibility when booked into MCDC.