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IF ONLY ‘ENVIRONMENTAL ENDEAVORS’ MEANT ‘LOWER UTILITY BILLS’ - a lesson in bureaucratic politically correct euphemisms.

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Are you aware of the four percent ‘environmental surcharge’ on your monthly Gallup residential utilities bill? That’s about $5 a month for most households. Words like surcharge and fee are simply euphemisms for taxes. The purpose of this environmental tax is apparently to fund ‘environmental endeavors’, or in other words a slush fund for ‘whatever pet project we wish to finance’. The environmental surcharge fund currently holds more than $14 million.

The term ‘environmental’ is so vague to interpret it’s no wonder the tax revenue can be construed as a slush fund. Here in a country ranked in the top six percent in the world for clean air, my own environmental...

Understanding service dogs laws

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The ADA requires State and local government agencies, businesses, and non-profit organizations (covered entities) that provide goods or services to the public to make “reasonable modifications” in their policies, practices, or procedures when necessary to accommodate people with disabilities. The service animal rules fall under this general principle. Accordingly, entities that have a “no pets” policy generally must modify the policy to allow service animals into their facilities. This publication provides guidance on the ADA’s service animal provisions and should be read in conjunction with the publication

Beginning on March 15, 2011, only dogs are recognized as service...

Schaller's Politically Incorrect Lexicon: A Navigation Guide To The PC Cultures of Mckinley County NM (and planet earth )

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FUEL/ENERGY POVERTY: McKinley County and the Navajo Nation’s greatest environmental health hazard. Fuel poverty is the state of being unable to afford heating one’s home adequately. Almost unknown in Europe in 2006 the World Health Organization claims renewable energy costs in Europe now take tens of thousands of lives every winter. The solution is affordable energy from fossil fuels, thus the silence of green activists.

CLIMATE COMPUTER MODEL QUANDARY (CCMQ): Climate scientists have just one method to measure global CO2 impact, computer models. Analysis of 73...


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A Master Developer Agreement for an Entertainment District

In past years I have written about the untapped potential in the heart of Gallup, so with recent interest in the north-tracks district expressed by a Downtown Redevelopment Plan it bears repeating.

In part one I talked about the city’s notion that they can solve the economic woes of downtown Gallup. Aside from enhancing street and pedestrian infrastructure and then asking the property owners how they can make life easier for them by reducing regulations and providing incentives, there’s not much else they can do. More open spaces with additional pedestrian walkway mall areas and expanded parking would certainly enhance the...

Report: Food Tax could harm low income New Mexicans

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Costs outweigh benefits

ALBUQUERQUE—Reinstating a tax on the sale of food for consumption at home could harm the health of New Mexicans who are already food insecure—meaning they don’t always have enough to eat. And while the revenue generated from a tax on food could be used to mitigate some of the damage the tax would do, the report finds that it is unlikely governments would spend the new revenue toward that end.

The child advocacy group New Mexico Voices for Children released their report, “A Health Impact Assessment of a Food Tax in New Mexico,” today in advance of the Thanksgiving holiday. The report looks at three possible outcomes of a food tax: that families would...

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