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Found senior Jack Russell terrier, near Puerco, wearing red collar. Call 1 (808) 227-8278


Road map meeting for Gold King Mine spill

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FARMINGTON—There will be a Road Map Meeting, regarding the Gold King Mine Spill. The meeting will discuss the Long Term-Effects on New Mexico.

The NM Environmental Health Department is forming, The Long-Term Impact Review Team. With your help, the State of New Mexico is developing the comprehensive Road Map forward. This is to ensure that scientific attention and oversight is provided for water, sediment, agriculture, health, and wildlife. This is necessary after three million gallons of contaminated mine wastewater flowed through the Animas and San Juan Rivers leaving behind a trail of heavy metals deposited into the rivers’ ecosystems.

The Long-Term Citizen Advisory Committee...

*Body found on Gallup's south side

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By Babette Herrmann

Sun Editor

Gallup Police Department Capt. Rick White said officers were dispatched late Tuesday morning "in reference to a person down and out" outside the front entrance to All Star Janitorial Supply on 61 S. Hwy 602 Oct. 6.

Officer Kelsey Francisco was the first on the scene and found the unconscious man shirtless and lying on his back. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

When asked if this death could be related to exposure, White said that it's too early to speculate on the cause.

Temperatures dipped into the high 40s and low 50s early Tuesday morning, and it had also rained in the area. The man died sometime during the early morning hours, White...

A second chance: Giving Inmates Hope

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No matter what they did, or how much time they have to serve, once released, McKinley County Adult Detention Center’s former inmates must overcome obstacles and consciously change patterns to avoid what landed them in jail in the first place.

While incarcerated, some don’t want help or feign it. But, the local jail does give inmates choices via self-help styled groups and classes. Some are secular, others religious-based.

These type of programs work on reducing recidivism, and the stereotypical notion that jails are breeding grounds for trouble. A place where inmates spend their days in a cell marking their time on the wall one slash at a time, or exploring ways to get into even...

Emergency preparedness budget approved by commission

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McKinley County Board of Commi­ssioners gave the Office of Emergency Management the green light to receive the Hazardous Material Emergency Preparedness Grant that will help them to prepare for large scale disasters.

The $95,200 HMEP grant enables the OEM to conduct and prepare for a hazardous materials disaster in the city of Gallup and around McKinley County.

“This grant allows us to conduct hazardous materials exercises and prepare for a hazardous disaster in the city and around the county,” Dimas said.

The HMEP grant is from the Department of Homeland Security and is split 80/20; 80 percent coming from the Federal Government and 20 percent tapped from county, local...

Gallup High School Homecoming 2015

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